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  • Will I get a full hour of tuition?
  • Yes, our lessons are for a full one hour of one to one tuition.
  • Do all lessons have to be one hour?
  • No, lesson prices are quoted per hour but lots of people prefer one and a half hour or two hour lessons.
  • Do you offer Automatic driving lessons?
  • Yes, we are able to offer Automatic driving lessons.
  • I have been let down by another driving school and my driving test is in one week. What can I do?
  • Subject to availability, we will book you in for an assessment lesson. Normal lesson prices apply, however, instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of his car for your driving test if you are not up driving test standard.
  • Am I ready for my driving test, Can I take a mock test?
  • Yes, this can be easily arranged. Your instructor will conduct the mock test, you will be de-briefed at the end of your test. We recommend that you have a mock test at least three to four weeks before your real test, before a decision is made if you are ready to take your real test or not.
  • I need to take an extended driving test. Can you help?
  • Yes, your extended test is likely to be over an hour long, usually 70 minutes, and your driving examiner is looking for a very high standard of driving. Your driving lessons will be booked with one of our experienced instructors. We recommend two hour lessons.
  • Will I have to share my lesson or pick up the next pupil during my instruction?
  • No, at Diamond Drive Intensive, you will receive personal, one to one instruction with no other pupil in the car.
  • Can I get picked up and dropped off at different addresses?
  • This maybe possible - you should discuss this with your instructor at the beginning of your lesson. The instructor will help wherever possible.
  • How many lessons will I need?
  • There is no set number, the Driving Standards Agency research suggests that about 40 hours of professional tuition, plus additional practice which will give you the best chance of passing - however each pupil is different and your instructor will continually assess your skills and progress.
  • Do you teach intensive courses?
  • Yes, we do offer intensive courses - from 2-8 days. For further information please go to the Intensive Courses Page.
  • I am a really nervous person, can I still learn to drive?
  • Yes, of course you can. Our friendly instructors understand this and will soon put you at ease.

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